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Specialized publications

19 May 2006 | Science Magazine
Investments Toward Sustainable Development: By Jeffrey D. Sachs and Walter V. Reid PDF
September 2006 | IDEA International Institute
Hitting the Target: By Jeffrey D. Sachs and Guido Schmidt-Traub (The Millennium Development Goals and the IMF and World Bank)
September 2005 | International Aid and Trade
Bringing 2015 to 2005: Implementing the Millennium Development Goals today: By John W. McArthur and Guido Schmidt-Traub PDF
September 2005 | Sustainable Development International
What it will take to meet the Millennium Development Goals: By Jeffrey Sachs, John McArthur and Guido Schmidt-Traub PDF
September 2005 | Scientific American
Can Extreme Poverty be Eliminated?: By Jeffrey D. Sachs
26 March 2005 | The Lancet
Trade, drugs, and health-care services: By Patrick A. Messerlin
22 March 2005 | The Lancet
Reinventing global health: the role of science, technology, and innovation: By Calestous Juma and Lee Yee-Cheong

12 March 2005 | The Lancet
Transforming health systems to improve the lives of women and children: By Lynn P. Freedman, Ronald J. Waldman, Helen de Pinho, Meg E. Wirth, A. Mushtaque R. Chowdhury and Allan Rosenfield

5 March 2005 | The Lancet
The 21st century health challenge of slums and cities: By Elliott D. Sclar, Pietro Garau and Gabriella Carolini
26 February 2005 | The Lancet
Focusing on improved water and sanitation for health: By Jamie Bartram, Kristen Lewis, Roberto Lenton and Albert Wright
19 February 2005 | The Lancet
The Millennium Project: the positive health implications of improved environmental sustainability: By Don J. Melnick, Yolanda Kakabadse Navarro, Jeffrey McNeely, Guido Schmidt-Traub and Robin R. Sears
12 February 2005 | The Lancet
Emerging consensus in HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and access to essential medicines: By Josh Ruxin, Joan E. Paluzzi, Paul A. Wilson, Yesim Tozan, Margaret Kruk and Awash Teklehaimanot
5 February 2005 | The Lancet
Taking action to improve women's health through gender equality and women's empowerment: By Caren Grown, Geeta Rao Gupta and Rohini Pande
29 January 2005 | The Lancet
Hunger in Africa: the link between unhealthy people and unhealthy soils: By Pedro A. Sanchez and M.S. Swaminathan
22 January 2005 | Lancet
The Millennium Project: a plan for meeting the Millennium Development Goals: By Jeffrey D. Sachs and John W. McArthur
21 January 2005 | Science Magazine
Cutting World Hunger in Half: By Pedro A. Sanchez and M.S. Swaminathan

August 2004 | Scientific American
Arsenic Crisis in Bangladesh: By A. Mushtaque R. Chowdhury

September 2004 | Global Futures
The Millennium Development Goals – more broken promises?: By Jeffrey Sachs and John McArthur

MDG Support

As of Jan 1, 2007, the advisory work formerly carried out by the Millennium Project secretariat team is being continued by an MDG Support team integrated under the United Nations Development Program.

Please visit MDG Support to get the latest information.
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Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals
"Investing in Development brings together the core recommendations of the UN Millennium Project. By outlining practical investment strategies and approaches to financing them, the report presents an operational framework that will allow even the poorest countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015."
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