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23 December 2006 | Die Zeit (German)
Die Rückkehr der Retter PDF
October 2006 | Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish)
Omtvistat projekt ger nytt hopp PDF
21 September 2006 | The Independent
In the village where aid makes a vital difference PDF
17 September 2006 | Jeune Afrique
Milliardaires au grand coeur PDF (French)
13 September 2006 | ABC News
A Big Boost in the Fight Against Poverty PDF
13 September 2006 | New York Times
Philanthropist Gives $50 Million to Help Aid the Poor in Africa PDF
07 September 2006 | Berliner Zeitung (German)
Das Wunder von Saurip PDF
26 August 2006 | Guardian Unlimited
Be here now  PDF
06 August 2006 | The TIME Magazine
Madonna Finds A Cause  PDF
20 July 2006 | The Philadelphia Inquirer
Big changes in poor villages PDF
06 July 2006 | Nature Magazine
Development: Harvest of hope PDF
12 June 2006 | Associated Press
African village revitalized by farm program that could teach rich countries how to help poor ones PDF
27 April 2006 | The Economist
The magnificent seven PDF
06 March 2006 | People Magazine
Malawi, Africa: Special Report on Gift Msunzi PDF
30 September 2005 | BBC News
In pictures: 'Millennium Village' in Kenya PDF (External Link)
30 July 2005 | The Japan Times
Africa: moving beyond chronic emergency PDF
18 July 2005 | UN Millennium Project/Gov. of Japan
UN Millennium Project Press Release: New Front in Fight Against Extreme Poverty in Africa Announced
05 July 2005 | The Australian
From dirt poor to soil rich in just five years PDF
04 July 2005 | CNN.com
Case study: Turning a village around PDF
05 May 2005 | New York Times
A Better Way to Fight Poverty PDF
27 April 2005 | New York Times
In Ethiopian Hills, Five Years to Create Something Out of Nothing PDF
04 April 2005 | New York Times
Kenyan Village Serves as Test Case in Fight on Poverty PDF
14 September 2005 | Financial Times
In search of coherence THE MILLENNIUM PROMISE: Mark Turner reports on efforts to provide a framework to a bewildering array of projects PDF
12 September 2005 | Financial Times
Sachs: Serving up soil for dinner PDF
12 July 2005 | BBC News
Why Aid Does Work PDF
MDG Support

As of Jan 1, 2007, the advisory work formerly carried out by the Millennium Project secretariat team is being continued by an MDG Support team integrated under the United Nations Development Program.

Please visit MDG Support to get the latest information.
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