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Statements of support for Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals

Statements by International Organizations



K.Y. Amoako, Executive Secretary, U.N. Economic Commission for Africa (UN-ECA)

"Investing in Development, the recently launched report from the UN Millennium Project cogently argues that Africa is caught in a poverty trap that is making it impossible to make any significant progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

It focuses on many of the structural impediments that we still face, including small market size, adverse trade relations with the rest of the world, low agricultural productivity and a heavy disease burden...

The [Millennium Project] is calling for a big, aid-financed investment push by the international community focused on Africa, to build significant momentum change and progress towards the Goals.

This is clearly a position that we in Africa must support, especially by keeping our side of the donor recipient relationship: delivering peace and security, good political governance, and stable economic management."

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Carol Bellamy, Executive Director, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

"The MDGs are all about investing in children, and this report is fundamental to the global effort to create a world that is fit for children,” said UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy. “We could not support it more strongly."

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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Food Programme (WFP), and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Joint Statement Director-General Jacques Diouf (FAO), Executive Director James Morris (WFP), and President Lennart Bage (IFAD)

"Leaders and other stakeholders in the poorest countries must take the necessary steps to ensure good governance and sound economic planning. It falls on the international community to take swift, strategic action to support them."

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Dr. Lee Jong-wook, Director-General, World Health Organization

"We have the means to achieve those goals. We have the technology. What we need are the resources and the political will. We cannot wait any longer to do what we have promised to achieve in the coming decade."

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Prof. Wiseman Nkuhlu, Chief Executive, NEPAD Secretariat

"Congratulations on the quality and relevance of the UN Millennium Project Report - Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. It is a revolutionary document. The analysis of the reality in African countries is both honest and thorough. It gives all those interested and committed to creating a better world, a good insight.

The recommended actions by African countries on the one hand and the rich countries on the other are sensible and reasonable. African countries have to take action to improve governance and transparency, above all, take responsibility to eradicate corruption and to strengthen own capacity to drive own development. On the other hand, the Developed countries must increase their support; otherwise the gains will not be sustainable. Above all, they must honour commitments already made. The credibility of the international community, especially the rich countries, is at stake. There is a compact to support developing countries to achieve the MDGs through many international forums."

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Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

"This authoritative and practical roadmap to poverty reduction and development represents a definitive affirmation of the Cairo Consensus on Population and Development...ensuring universal access to reproductive health is critical to attaining the world's poverty reduction and development goals...this report says our generation has a chance to halve extreme poverty, let us all – developing and developed nations – seize this one moment in time to do so by also freeing women from all forms of discrimination, bias and violence."

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Rodrigo Rato, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

"In the spirit of the Monterrey Consensus, the IMF is committed to a strong and coordinated worldwide effort to reduce poverty. I hope we are able to work effectively with the international community to achieve these aims."

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Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

"The environment has for too long been the poor relation to economic growth. Conserving the environment, be it rivers and lakes, forests, the atmosphere or the oceans, has all too often been seen as a luxury which is only addressed when all other issues have been resolved. But this very welcome report makes it clear that real, long-lasting and secure development can only be achieved if the environment is put at the centre of decision-making."

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James D. Wolfensohn, President, World Bank

"...a major undertaking to support global efforts to achieve the MDGs. We agree with the Report that the MDGs cannot be achieved with ‘business as usual’. The World Bank especially welcomes the Report’s call for increased and more effective aid, openness to trade, and improved governance."

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MDG Support

As of Jan 1, 2007, the advisory work formerly carried out by the Millennium Project secretariat team is being continued by an MDG Support team integrated under the United Nations Development Program.

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