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06 July 2006 | Irish Times
UN adviser says Ireland could help Africa grow more food PDF
26 April 2005 | Asahi
A strengthened commitment will yield support
22 April 2005 | Globe and Mail
Promises aren't enough
20 April 2005 | Frankfurter Rundschau
Deutschland ist der Schlüsselstein im Mosaik
14 April 2005 | New York Times
Germany Steps up to the Plate
27 February 2005 | New York Times
Thousands Died in Africa Yesterday
26 February 2005 | National Post
Does Canada stand for anything?
20 February 2005 | El País (Spain)
De repente, los ricos se acuerdan de los pobres
6 February 2005 | Scripps Howard News Service
Time to attack world poverty once and for all
6 February 2005 | Boston Globe
Mission Possible: Can the Millennium Development Goals be Saved?
5 February 2005 | Boston Globe
The greater tsunami
31 January 2005 | Baltimore Sun
Tackling World Poverty
28 January 2005 | The African (Tanzania)
Can all this be put into reality?
26 January 2005 | Toronto Star
Pearson's '69 target still unmet
27 January 2005 | Miami Herald
Winning the Global War on Poverty
25 January 2005 | El País (Spain)
El Reto de la Pobreza
23 January 2005 | Ottawa Citizen
Spend Aid Money Wisely
22 January 2005 | New York Times
A Proposal to End Poverty
20 January 2005 | Washington Post
Fighting Global Poverty
18 January 2005 | Globe and Mail (Canada)
The 0.7 per-cent solution

MDG Support

As of Jan 1, 2007, the advisory work formerly carried out by the Millennium Project secretariat team is being continued by an MDG Support team integrated under the United Nations Development Program.

Please visit MDG Support to get the latest information.
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