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Global media coverage of UN Millennium Project final report launches

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17 December 2006 | New York Times Magazine
What Should a Billionaire Give – and What Should You? PDF

16 December 2005 | New York Times
WTO to Give Duty - Free Deal to Poor Nations PDF
12 October 2005 | New York Times
African Food for Africa's Starving Is Roadblocked in Congress PDF
26 September 2005 | International Herald Tribune
World Bank head urges trade pact for the poor PDF
13 September 2005 | SciDev.net
Millennium Development Goals 'not doomed to fail PDF
05 May 2005 | New York Times
A Better Way to Fight Poverty PDF
14 April 2005 | New York Times
Germany Steps up to the Plate
24 March 2005 | Newsweek
U.S: The Education of Paul Wolfowitz
20 March 2005 | New York Times
African Artists Raise Voices Against Malaria

14 March 2005 | National Geographic News
UN, Jimmy Carter Say Time Is Ripe to End Hunger

6 March 2005 | Washington Post
Education Starts In School

27 February 2005 | New York Times
Thousands Died in Africa Yesterday
21 February 2005 | Boston Globe
Harsh lessons from Togo: By Calestous Juma
7 February 2005 | Seattle Times
Lifting millions of people out of grinding poverty: By John Shalikashvili and Bill Clapp
18-31 January 2005 | Baltimore Sun
* Tackling World Poverty
* Plan Aims to End Extreme Poverty
23 January 2005 | Medical Devicelink
UN panel identifies molecular diagnostics as priority

18-22 January 2005 | New York Times
* A Proposal to End Poverty
* U.N. Panel Urges Doubling of Aid to Cut Poverty

18 January 2005 | Boston Globe
Rich nations urged to fund antipoverty effort
18 January 2005 | CBS News
U.N.: End World Poverty By 2025
18 January 2005 | Chicago Sun Times
Double aid, end hunger, U.N. told
18 January 2005 | ContraCosta Times
UN calls rich nations key to halving poverty
18 January 2005 | Detroit Free Press
Rich countries could save lives, UN reports
18 January 2005 | Houston Chronicle
Report: Ending poverty possible
18 January 2005 | Los Angeles Times
Ending Extreme Poverty Is Realistic, Economist Tells U.N. (External site)
18 January 2005 | El Nuevo Herald
En pie de guerra contra la pobreza
18 January 2005 | Los Angeles Times
The World; Ending Extreme Poverty Is Realistic, Economist Tells U.N.
18 January 2005 | SciDev.net (London)
To end poverty 'science needs massive funding boost'

18 January 2005 | St. Paul Pioneer Press
Key Recommendations on Fighting Poverty

18 January 2005 | Seattle Times
U.N. offers plan to end world's severe poverty in 20 years

18 January 2005 | Springfield Journal
Plan to fight poverty released: Report expected to set agenda for U.N. agencies
18 January 2005 | USA Today
UN: Rich countries must double aid to impact poverty fight
18 January 2005 | Voice of America
WHO Urges Massive Investment in Health Programs

15-18 January 2005 | Washington Post
* U.N. Report Urges Rich To Give More
* Aid to Poorest Nations Trails Global Goal
* U.N. urges U.S. to keep aid vow

17 January 2005 | Bloomberg
UN Asks U.S., Wealthy Nations, for $135 Bln to Halve Poverty

10 January 2005 | SciDev.net (London)
Science Advice "Essential" to meet Development Goals

MDG Support

As of Jan 1, 2007, the advisory work formerly carried out by the Millennium Project secretariat team is being continued by an MDG Support team integrated under the United Nations Development Program.

Please visit MDG Support to get the latest information.
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