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Global media coverage of UN Millennium Project final report launches

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Asia, South Asia and the Pacific

15 October 2005 | The Age
Fight against poverty a campaign of 'small steps' PDF
26 April 2005 | Asahi
A strengthened commitment will yield support
20 March 2005 | The Star Online (Malaysia)
Using engineers to save lives
8 March 2005 | Herald Asahi (Japan)
Annan envoy urges Japan to keep its promise of 0.7% of GDP for ODA
11 February 2005 | Jakarta Post (Indonesia)
How can ASEAN help achieve Millennium Development Goals?
3 February 2005 | Rediff.com(India)
The Rediff Interview with Jeffrey Sachs
3 February 2005 | The Daily Star(India)
UN experts urge India to step up investments in health, education
2 February 2005 | The Financial Express(India)
Rich nations are not doing their bit
2 February 2005 | The Financial Express(India)
India to miss development goals on four counts
2 February 2005 | The Times of India Online(India)
Millennium targets are achievable for all: Sachs
30 January 2005 | The Star Online (Malaysia)
Malaysia's Foresight Shows
19 January 2005 | The Age (Australia)
UN plan targets 500 million poor'
19 January 2005 | The Australian (Australia)
'Double aid to end global poverty'
19 January 2005 | Bangkok Post
Disaster a blessing in Disguise
19 January 2005 | The Chosun Ilbo (Korea)
WHO Urges Massive Investment in Health Programs'
19 January 2005 | The Indian Express (India)
UN report asks rich nations to hike aid
19 January 2005 | Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
UN urges action in lifting millions out of poverty
19 January 2005 | Inter Press Service News (Thailand)
Don't Let Tsunami Wash Out Millennium Goals - UN
19 January 2005 | The Nation (Thailand)
UN: Thailand a good model to follow
19 January 2005 | Scoop (Thailand)
Tsunami Spotlights Long-Term Development Needs
18 January 2005 | International Herald Tribune (Thailand)
UN outlines strategy to fight global disease
18 January 2005 | Manichi Shimbun (Japan)
Japan told to boost ODA to become UNSC permanent member
18 January 2005 | The New Nation (Bangladesh)
UN action plan to fight poverty
18 January 2005 | New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
UN unveils action plan to save millions of lives
18 January 2005 | Viet Nam News Agency (Viet Nam)
UN Develops Millennium Project
18 January 2005 | Xinhua (China)
UN report calls for more development aid from rich nations

MDG Support

As of Jan 1, 2007, the advisory work formerly carried out by the Millennium Project secretariat team is being continued by an MDG Support team integrated under the United Nations Development Program.

Please visit MDG Support to get the latest information.
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